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VRG Dealer Profile Information

Standard listings in the VRG Guide Profile template provide basic entry details with addresses. Premium listings by dealers include phone numbers, web site links, e-mail addresses (but do not include profiles).

Participating dealers may wish to provide Guide Users with a full description of their store. The profiles are in printer friendly PDF® format.

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Full Dealer Information and Photos Directions and Map Information
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Detailed below is decription of what you will find in out Dealer Profiles. The VRG is NOT responsible for the content and update of any profile which is the sole responsibility of the dealer.

VRG Dealer Profile Layout
Street Address and Suite #, City, PROV/TERR - ZIP-CODE
(AREA) 000-0000     Fax: (AREA) 000-0000
Web Site:
Brief Description:

This is an accurate and brief desription of the Dealer and the businesses so that site users can locate the type of records available. It also identifies any special products or services that a dealer supplies (e.g. 'Wants List processing, Record Location Service etc.).

About The Business:

Business Logo.
Business Picture 1.
Product Picture 1.

The business logo or trading name style is diplayed. Also the business description in detail as supplied by the dealer includes supporting product photos and business premises photos where appropriate.

Special services an interests are listed where applicable and the standard business practices (transaction details and delivery services) are covered.

A description of the premises and additional products that the business supplies will be supported with pictures where applicable, and the dealer may include sample photos of products from time to time.

Location Information:

Location Map of Business

A location Map of the dealers business includes street details and the instructions for parking.

The businesses hours of opening are also displayed: Monday - Friday 0:00 - 0:00
Saturday - Sunday 0:00 - 0:00

On Line Store Link

Other On Line Sales

Mailing List Link


Please note: Our site does NOT contain links to on-line traders and Mail Order organizations, at this time. Only businesses and individuals with stores or physical locations are listed. This is designed to promote active visits to locations where individuals can 'hunt' for vinyl in the traditional way, and interact with store owners and other collecttors. The VRG, will at a future date, add on-line traders in a separate listing program, although we do not discourage any visitors trading or discussing vinyl in any online environment. Profile Pages will be available on participating on-line and non-store dealers.

If you are visiting our Web Site from another web site, or you are a fist time visitor why not bookmark our home page for future reference!
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