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The VRG Netherlands Edition
(Caribbean Netherlands - BES Islands)

This web site and The Guide are made possible by the support Map & SmartPhone of the many vinyl record dealers listed here, all of whom are dedicated to satisfying the needs of audiophiles looking for 45's, albums, 78's and many other collectibles & record memorabilia. We trust that you will use the site to your fullest advantage, and if you think we have missed a resource please mail us. If you are a dealer and wish to take part please use our Membership Info page to contact us.

VRG users should also note, that typically in the Netherlands, the street address convention places the number after the name of the street/road, and the Postal Code (zip) preceedes the City/Town name. The province names are seldom used but the addition of the country name, Netherlands, has been used frequently at the end of the address, particularly with overseas correspondence.

The VRG would like to thank all the sources that helped assemble the Dutch version of the VRG, in particular Koen Kamphuijs (The Rocking Dutchman) who helped with transalations and location advice. Koen hosts his own radio show "Legends of the Rocking Dutchman," details can be found in our links page or visit his site directly at:

VRG Member - The Legends - The Rocking Dutchman Show

If you are visiting our Web Site from another web site, or you are a fist time visitor why not bookmark our home page for future reference!
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