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Shop Guide by County&Country

The VRG guides for the United Kingdom (comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are organized by County in each Country, and are presented in simple to use table format.

VRG SHOPS by County & Country:
England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

For the benefit of International readers the VRG has adopted the traditional County/Country identifications to geographically identify the areas in the United Kingdom.

It is often confusing why the terms "United Kingdom" (U.K.) and "Great Britain" (G.B.) are so easily used and interchanged. Great Britain comprised England (which already incorporated Wales into its land in the 1500's) and Scotland, with Northern Ireland always being an addition. The term "United Kingdom" integrates Northern Ireland formally with Great Britain to form "The United Kingdom."

The term "The British Isles" refers to all the islands within the area, off the mainland of Europe, including Eire (Republic Of Ireland), The Isle Of Man (lying between Ireland and G.B. mainland), plus the Channel Islands of Jersey and Gurnsey (being the largest). The Isle Of Wight (in the English Channel just off the southern England coast) has been considered to be a part of England since the turn of the 13th Century.

To confuse matters further, The E.U. or European Union (of which incidentally the U.K. is a member) is a trading block comprising various individual countries/nations, where each memeber retains autonomy as a country/nation but shares political and economic interests, similar the states of the U.S., especially in terms of travel by its residents and citizens between E.U. members.

The VRG trusts that this helps explain a little of the confusion. Since the U.K. is a heavily populated area, filled with record shops and shows, the easiset way to navigate the area is by using traditional former country borders, and further breaking that down by counties in England (due to the density of content). Both the The Guide and Profile Pages can be viewed individually. When we add other areas to the guide we will also include a general site search facility too!

Take a look at our simple Membership Info and contact us for more details or call to discuss your individual requirements if you'd like a profile page or wish to advertise on the site.
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