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Alberta Store Guide

Welcome to the VRG Alberta Dealer Guide. To find a Dealer with a physical location in Alberta please see the list below - PLEASE NOTE we do not list online traders in this directory at this time!

Trader NameAddressCityStateZip CodeProfileWeb Site
Blackbyrd Music #10442 82 Av. N.W. Edmonton ABT6E 2A2 YES
Blueprint 519 4th Av. S. Lethbridge ABT1J 0N3 YES
Freecloud Records 10764 101 St. N.W. Edmonton ABT5H 2S3 YES
Heritage Posters & Music 1502 11 Ave S.W. Calgary ABT3C 0M9 YES
Hot wax Records 114 10 Street N.W. Calgary ABT2N 1V3 YES
Listen Records 10443A, 124 St. Edmonton ABT5N 1R7 YES
Megatunes # 101, 932 17 Av. S.W. Calgary ABT2T 0A2
Meloiya Records #2523, 17 Av. S.W. Calgary ABT3E 0A2 YES
Permanent Records 8126 Gateway Blvd.a Edmonton ABT6E 4B1 YES
Recordland 1208 9 Av. S.E. Calgary ABT2G 0T1
Sloth Records 736B 17th Av. S.W. Calgary ABT2S 0B7 YES
Sound Connection #0016, 82nd Av. Edmonton ABT6E 1Z3
The Inner Sleeve #117, 3411 20th St. S.W. Calgary ABT2T 4Z6 YES
The Sound House 4921 48 St. Red Deer ABT4N 1S8 YES

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